The food at My Thai Son

At My Thai Son you can order the best authentic Thai dishes. All dishes are prepared with love, passion and freshness.

The food

You are welcome to dine at My Thai Son from 4.30pm CET until 10.00pm CET. We use pure and authentic dishes. At My Thai Son the Thai kitchen has been brought to the Netherlands. Perfect for everyone who had a taste of the kitchen in Thailand, as well for everyone who likes to get acquainted with it. There is not one Thai kitchen, every district of Thailand has his own typical dishes, ingredients and preparation.

At My Thai Son we use the northern kitchen with Chinese and Burmese influents. Five fundamental taste sensations come together in a meal, sometimes even in one dish: hot, sour, sweet, salty and bitter. We also use a lot of fresh herbs, to make the dish pure and authentic. Other allergies and dietary needs will of course be taken into account. Ingredients are skillfully refined and prepared. At My Thai Son, you experience a weekly variation of new products. We buy our products as much as possible at local Rotterdam companies.

De kaart

There are many authentic Thai dishes on the meny. The choice is diverse, so almost all curries can be chosen between chicken, pork, beef, duck, shrimp or squid. The waitresses help those who can not choose. All dishes can be customized.

We do not use Ve-Tsin (flavor enhancer E621), our dishes are pure. With all our dishes you can indicate the amount of spice you like. And of course, allergies and other dietary wishes are taken into account.

At My Thai Son, you can also share your dishes with your company. Together you can taste and experience more dishes, which is more enjoyable! We make smaller dishes, so dinner will be an additional experience!